Anneke Campbell

Anneke is a writer in many genres, having published award winning poetry and non-fiction, journalism, two produced film scripts, and one novel. She has just completed a memoir on the intersection of history and politics in her family's life, tentatively titled “A Memoir of Family Activism".

She also grows a lot of lemons.


President Biden, Ageism and Cognition

Prejudicial tropes about older adults are becoming commonplace because of the presidential race — and some people are pushing back

Emergency Preparedness Can Be Fun

From the Venice Beachhead

Emergency Preparedness

Community resilience on the Westside - from the Argonaut

Dear Boris

In Byline Times

Sorrow Shared; Rituals

In Memoir Magazine

Sourced From Love: Pathways to Cultural Healing

Anneke Campbell and Nina Simon. In Routledge Handbook for Creative Futures

Presence and Recovery

Featured essay in On Being - a conversation that has been building for over two decades with wise and graceful lives — across spiritual inquiry and science, social healing and the arts

Anneke's work can also be found on Medium



Mary of Bellingham, A Season of Secrets

Novel written by Anneke Campbell (2004). Available on BooksBNimble.



Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership

Written by Nina Simone and edited by Anneke Campbell (Green Fire Press, 2018)

Moonrise, The Power of Women Leading From the Heart

Written by Nina Simone and edited by Anneke Campbell (Park Street Press, 2010)

Film + Television

With her husband, Jeremy Kagan, she has scripted and co-produced videos for social justice and environmental non-profit organizations, including a ten part television series on rights based on the ACLU’s cases.



Writer and producer (2017)

ACLU Freedom Files

Writer and Producer (2005)


Anneke is available for speaking engagements. She spoke at the Yad Vashem ceremony in 2022. See her Byline Times Interview here.

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