About Anneke

Anneke Campbell a writer and community activist who has worked as a midwife, nurse and English professor, and now as a yoga teacher and grief/death educator. Born and raised in The Netherlands, she came to the USA, where she attended Barnard College in New York.

She has partnered as an editor with Nina Simons, Bioneers co-founder, in shaping and editing her books on women’s leadership. With her husband she has scripted and co-produced videos for social justice and environmental non-profit organizations, including a ten part television series on rights based on the ACLU’s cases.

She has just completed a memoir on the intersection of history and politics in her family's life, tentatively titled “A Memoir of Family Activism". This features her growing up in Post World War 2 Netherlands, and explores how her family's activism in the resistance has influenced her work as a peace and justice advocate,community organizer and media creator. It also includes scenes from her life as a midwife and nurse, her deep and continuing dive into reproductive rights, and her mother’s pre-war letters which profoundly reverberate with her own life today.

Anneke Singing Her Book
Anneke signing her book.